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Taylor Cookers
Geoff Doggett
2nd May 2004 - 4:28 pm

Been offered an almost brand new Taylor 029 cooker. Anyone fitted or used one of these? Seems to have a grill/oven heated by the top burners and I'm not sure how this works out in practice.


Johan De Smet
3rd May 2004 - 4:34 pm

The idea is to put the lids in place with the burners burning. The heat is reflected down and heats up the oven. It works but it takes some time and it does not get extremely hot. I use it sometimes to finish pre-baked sandwiches.


Little Tuk

Geoff Doggett
3rd May 2004 - 4:41 pm

Thanks Johan. Is it possible to grill or make toast in a similar way?

With the pressure tank, how often do you need to pump it up?

Johan De Smet
3rd May 2004 - 4:41 pm

Never tried grilling meat or toasting, but I suppose it is possible, although slow. The pressure tank takes some time and effort to pump to maximum pressure. Once there though it only needs the occasional few strokes to keep it at maximum. Consumption is very low and after reading the discussion board on the gas option, it seems like a good idea to stick to my Taylor 29 and take the disadvantages of it as they are. Every single part can still be ordered, and maintenance is well described in the manual.


John MacMullen
3rd May 2004 - 4:43 pm

I'm a gas man myself but I do know that John Ingledow is a real fan of Taylors but you will have to 'phone him.

Good cookng

4th May 2004 - 4:44 pm

I understand that meths is the favoured drink of certain social groups and should be left for that purpose!! Pre heating is almost impossibe at sea unless you have a small blow lamp to hand, although doesn't this rather defeat the gas free installation ideal? Other than that, the Taylors are superb cookers.

Geoff Doggett
4th May 2004 - 4:48 pm

Just got the cooker and delighted to find it fits the hole left by the old Plastimo perfectly. I'm guessing Twisters probably had this space configured around a Taylor cooker.

Just 1 more piece of help please - where best to put the tank? Thought the aft locker best as it is accessible for pumping and filling - but any other ideas?

Johan De Smet
6th May 2004 - 4:53 pm

The aft locker (next to the sink) is the place. Make sure there is enough room to lift the pumphandle. It might be a good idea to fit a metal plate on the lining above the cooker. If ever things get out of hand (and they might, the first time you light it) the lining and the varnish on the handhold are protected.



Mark Styles
1 Posts
6th June 2004 - 4:54 pm

Pre Heating. The lighter wicks used on tilley lamps are the perfect things for pre heating taylors cookers burners at sea. We keep a couple permanantly soaking in a small glass jar of meths or alcohol. To light a burner, remove one of the tilley wicks from the jar, clip it below the burner gallery and light the wick. Approx 90 secs later as the wick flame starts to die down, unclip the wick, hold the dying flame to the burner, turn on and away you go. Using this method flare ups are a thing of the past. Another benefit of this method is the burner is heated slowly and evenly thus eliminating possible gallery rupture from a sudden fierce application of heat. We have cruised for 4 seasons with an 029 and although it can be a little fickle at times overall it gets the thumbs up.Polished up it looks the part and to quote John Ingledow " its rather like an Aga in an english country kitchen" enough said!

Geoff Doggett
13th June 2014 - 4:57 pm

Thanks Mark - what a great idea! Perhaps you need to let Taylors know for the greater good? I see they now recommend a gas lighter rather than meths method but yours seems the ideal compromise.

I'd welcome your advice too on whether it makes sense on a shortish passage, North Sea to Holland typically for us and around 15-20 hours, to keep a burner permanently on with hotplate in place and kettle on. This is a narrow boat trick we used to use on a small solid fuel stove and has the advantage of permanently hot water (quick brew ups/washing etc) plus some cabin heating. Will the 029 stay in on a low heat close to the companionway and can you keep it from boiling a kettle, just warming?

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