About the Twister Class Association

Association formed in 1989

The Association was formed in early 1989 by a handful of enthusiastic members. Numbers have increased steadily over the years and presently stand at around 150 representing two thirds of the  Twisters ever built. Whilst the majority of Members are in the UK membership there are Members in Europe, the US and Australia.

An informal organisation

We are a totally informal organisation. All owners and prospective owners are welcome to join and it is gratifying that a significant number of ‘ex-owners’ stay on to keep in touch.

The Association magazine

We publish a magazine annually in the winter. Its content is dependent upon what our members send in but we’ve never been short yet. It contains a good balance of accounts of cruises, technical articles and other useful information.

Magazine archive

The current and archived magazines and other material is available to members on this website.

Members and boat list

This website maintains an up to date list of members and their boats.  We also maintain a list of All Known Twisters. Both lists are only available to Members. 


Membership costs £25.00. This is a once off payment; once you join you remain a Member for as long as you wish.

How to join the Association

You can find out how to to join us in our 'How to Join' section where you can subscribe. You can en-role online; payment is easiest using PayPal.