About the Twister Class Association

Association formed in 1989

The Association was formed in early 1989 by a handful of enthusiastic members. Numbers have increased steadily over the years and presently stand at around 150 boats representing two thirds of the  Twisters ever built. Whilst the majority of Members are in the UK membership there are Members in Europe, the US and Australia.

An informal organisation

We are a totally informal organisation. All owners and prospective owners are welcome to join and it is gratifying that a significant number of ‘ex-owners’ stay on to keep in touch.

The Association magazine

We publish a magazine annually in the winter. Its content is dependent upon what our members send in but we’ve never been short yet. It contains a good balance of accounts of cruises, technical articles and other useful information.

Magazine archive

The current and archived magazines and other material is available to members on this website.

Members and boat list

This website maintains an up to date list of members and their boats.  We also maintain a list of All Known Twisters. Both lists are only available to Members. 


Membership costs £25.00. This is a once off payment; once you join you remain a Member for as long as you wish.

How to join the Association

You can find out how to to join us in our 'How to Join' section where you can subscribe. You can en-role online; payment is easiest using PayPal.

Twister Trophies as at August 2022

The Holman-Darthaven Cruising Log Trophy is a fine solid silver salver presented to the Association by Sue Holman, Wife of Jack Holman of Uphams and whose Brother-in-Law was Kim Holman. It's usually awarded annually. It's awarded for the best account of a cruise, including pictures and preferably a track chart, as published in the Magazine. The current holder is Charles Clarke of Samuru for his articles in the Spring 2021 and 2022 Magazine. Note that the Trophy is awarded not for quantity of copy but for quality and content which need not and should not be restricted to a factual account of the cruise. A twist to the text with comment and opinions is welcomed.

John and Melanie Holman, who run the Darthaven Marina in Kingswear presented the Sue Holman Trophy in memory of Sue. It was presented to the fastest [lowest total elapsed time for the races - no handicap applied] Twister in the series of races held off Dartmouth at the the start of the biennial Channel Classics. The scheduled 2021 Channel Classics was curtailed due to COVID and the only Twister entered was Mike Cherry's Rompa. He curated the Trophy. The Channel Classics was rescheduled for 2022. Previously, the Trophy had been awarded on the results of three races in Start Bay. In 2022 only two 'races' were held over much shortened courses due to lack of wind. Rompa would have been awarded the Trophy on that consideration. Mike sportingly suggested that the Trophy be raced for over the entire Channel Classics...as it was and will be in future. It's currently held [2022-24] by Peter Mulville of VIVEZA.

The West Country Trophy was presented by Christopher Hoare of Green Helix to St. Mawes Sailing Club, It is a half model Twister. It's raced for in the Falmouth Classics. Christopher, in wording the Deed of Gift, gave give discretion to the SMSC. The first guiding principle is that it should be awarded to Twisters; the second is that while we retain our own class for Falmouth Classics, it be awarded to the winning boat on handicap. It's currently held by Mike Cherry of Rompa.

The Twister Trophy was the first Trophy presented to the Association. It’s a beaten copper plaque which was originally raced for at the Medway Cruising Club where there were quite a number of serious Twisters. It eventually fell into disuse and was presented to the Association by Peter Jessup, of Cyclone, when he was Commodore of that Club. One year it was presented to Tony Head of Triple Venture for his Jester Challenge. It was again raced for in the Cowes Classics where it was last held by Richard Hargreaves of Sea Urchin. It's currently held by Austin Lawler of Tail Twister for his 2019 Jester Challenge. [See Early Spring 2020 Magazine]

The Helix Trophy is currently in the care of your Secretary pending award. This simple trophy has been presented at various events over the years.