Twister Class Specifications

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Hull Dimensions in Feet and Inches as designed.

DimensionsGRP TwistersWooden Twisters
LOA28’ 3”27’ 8”
LWL21’ 6”21’ 0”
Beam8’ 1”8’ 1”
Draft5’ 0”5’ 3”

Including the rudder the underwater area is approximately 19 square meters.

Sailplans and rigs

GRP and Composite Twister Sailplan Dwg No 59

The original sailplan was Drawing No 4/59. Modifications to this were at the request of Uphams who sometimes carried them out before informing Holman and Pye. Some yachts therefore had modified sailplans earlier than the date of the drawing!

The MkII sailplan was originally drawn for Silver Twister. This was Jack Holman of Uphams personal Twister. The mast height was increased by 1’ 0” and moved aft by 6” (This was Drawing No 11/59)

This rig was thought by Jack to over-canvas the boat so he modified it himself in 1967. A number of Twisters were built before H & P prepared the MkIIa sailplan incorporating these ideas in August 1971. This Drawing No 8/59 shows 1’ 0” off the mast and a shorter mainsail foot. The drawing is in the Technical Archive.

Sailplan Dimensions in Feet

Using RORC‘p’‘b’Area Mainsail‘I’‘J’Area Foretriangle
Original Sailplan
Dwg No 4/59
MkII Sailplan
Dwg No 11/59
MkIIa Sailplan
Dwg No 18/59
MED RIG - taller mast
Dwg 12/59

As a guide, please remember that all Twisters are different and some are more different than others, here are some dimensions of actual sails as supplied by the sailmaker or as measured by the Owner. Some measurements may be rounded.

Half width Luff Leech Foot
Top down Furler for a Mark IIA Rig5,538 mm10,600 mm8,300 mm6,500 mm
145% Genoa for Mark IIA Rig9,700 mm9,200 mm5,100 mm
Spinnaker5,500 mm10,200 mm10,200 mm5,600 mm
Spinnaker Mark IIA Rig5,200 mm9,500 mm9,500 mm4,700 mm
Yankee - smaller 'Genoa' for easier handling. Mark IIA9,700 mm8,700 mm4,490 mm