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Round the Island Race Handicap Tips
James Roslington
5 Posts
20th February 2019 - 11:09 am

Hello all,

As a newcomer to Twisters (proud owner of Roya since the start of 2018) I have really enjoyed reading all the expertise and advice on the forum.

I'm thinking of entering Roya for this year's RTIR. Being based in Cowes, the opportunity is too tempting to resist! 

However, as a novice to racing I am not sure which class Twisters would be in (Roya is a 1974 all-GRP design).

Could anyone advise on the most appropriate class, and will anyone else be racing too? 


Stephen Moorey
268 Posts
20th February 2019 - 2:38 pm

Hi James,

Your first post. Welcome to the forum.  I cant offer any advice on the subject, but I will follow it with great interest.  May I suggest you consider the Cows Classics this year.  Last year there was little interest, but the previous year saw good entries of Twisters.  I crewed for a Twister owner and had a great time.  With a push this year im sure some great fun racing could be had.

Best Wishes.



James Roslington
5 Posts
20th February 2019 - 4:29 pm

Thanks for the suggestion Stephen, would very much like to join for the Cowes Classics Week but not sure if I can get the time off work! Keen for 2020 though...


David Hopkins
151 Posts
20th February 2019 - 5:01 pm

Looks like Twisters are ISC 8D. 

Pretty sure you submit the details and they give you a rating though. Not done it myself but would love to have the time someday.

James Roslington
5 Posts
21st February 2019 - 10:16 am

Thanks for the suggestion David. I put the details into the system and it came out as Classic Racing Yacht (ISC Rating System) (LOA under 9.6m), which sounds about right!

all the best


Nick Roe
21 Posts
27th February 2019 - 1:32 pm

Hi James,

I have sailed on Roya, and she is a lovely boat, kept in very good condition by Mark.

We have entered Brigand in the RTI on several occasions over the last few years, and there are a few others which enter the RTI each year, generally having 3-5 boats in the race. 

The RTI is divided into two parts.  Around half the boats are serious racers, with an official IRC rating, and the others (including us) do not have a rating, so the Island Sailing Club generate one from basic data provided (the Island Sailing Club Rating System (ISCRS)).

For the ISCRC part, there are basically two options for Twisters:

  • One is to enter the Classic Yacht Class, which you have entered. This is a small Class with typically around 10-15 boats. 
  • The other option is the ISCRS which has around 800 entrants, and which is subdivided into groups based on rating. As David said, in this Class Twisters are in the slowest group, which is 8D.  Most Twisters (including us) enter the ISCRS part, and race in this section.

One thing to be aware of is that the ISCRC part is based on self declared data for boat dimensions, and sail sizes, etc.  I have noted that there is quite a difference in the ratings given to Twisters in the race.  My suspicion (with no proper evidence to back this up) is that some boats use the old RORC sail data which is given on the TCA website, whereas most people have a roller furling genoa which is a much larger sail than the fore triangle area accepted under the old RORC rule, and thereby they get a lower rating.

However, some may consider this to be just sour grapes, as they have beaten me on the water!!

I am probably taking it all far too seriously, but if there is any interest, I am happy to publish the data that I have declared.


Mike Millis
9 Posts
11th March 2019 - 7:40 pm

Hi James,

I have entered BITS in the RTIR for the last 4 years and agree with what Nick has stated on measurements. Bits is probably the heaviest Twister around, as she is fitted out for serious cruising, but as I have slowly destored the abundance of spares and halved the engine weight by fitting a Beta 16, which I am very pleased with, the weight may be getting more competitive.

Sails need measuring as we have all uprated to modern materials and size. My furling genoa is now only 140% instead of the 150% previously and I find this gives a much better balance and drive.

I have always entered class ISC8a but wondered whether classic under 30' may be better if we could get enough twisters for our own fleet.

Unfortunately I have put Bits up for sail as I am becoming a full time carer with our advancing years.

Enter and enjoy, we are always the last class, so get a lay in, although like last year it was adverse tide by the time we got to Hurst castle.

Fairwinds is the hope


James Roslington
5 Posts
20th March 2019 - 1:23 pm

Thanks for the extra info Nick and Mike, good to know that other Twisters are likely to be in the mix too.

I was contacted by the ISC who said that, despite the computer-generated answer, Roya is better off in the ISCRS class rather than Classic Racing Yacht. This fits in this your points Nick. I did use the sail data from the website so hope I didn't type in the wrong thing. Tbh we are not going to be v competitive so would be happy just to get as far as the start line - making it to the Needles would be a bonus!


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