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Calor Gas ... Bad News for users
John MacMullen and Ann Musgrave
191 Posts
31st January 2023 - 2:24 pm

Today I discovered that Calor are discontinuing their small bottle range on the 1st February. This means that their blue 4.5kg Butane bottles and the orange 3.9kg Propane bottles will no longer be refilled or supplied to new users. You may, for a short time, find full exchange bottles at stockists but I imagine they'll soon be gone. We, along with a few other Twisters we know, use this size bottle and our stowage is built to accommodate it. Initially it looks like the only half sensible option is to use the somewhat smaller Camping Gaz bottles whose contents cost double in £s per Kg.

In Scandinavia we can take bottles to a filling station and they refill on the spot. I don't know of any such facility in the UK. Any suggestions are welcome.


Nick West
26 Posts
31st January 2023 - 5:17 pm

Hi John and Anne I've just spoken to main calor gas in Poole and they have categorically been told that those sizes will not be coming back ........Good news is that flo gas Fawley Hants are able to supply copious amounts and have bottles to buy.... It's a right bugger I know to buy new bottles but I didn't really want to start doing mods to the gas locker to accommodate larger bottles and also calor will refund you on returned bottle's so all not that bad really........If you struggle to get info drop me a text on 07852994600 and I'll give all the details they were most helpful I have to say.     Regards Nick West 

Allan Beswick
51 Posts
1st February 2023 - 3:37 pm

Hi I thought it was only the blue bottle they were stopping?

John MacMullen and Ann Musgrave
191 Posts
2nd February 2023 - 5:41 pm

Thanks Nick,

I went and had a chat with our local Calor distributor who also deal in FloGas. There's no problem with availability of either Butane and Propane 'small' bottles from Flogas. I measured both bottles for height and the problem for me that they are approx. 370mm high which is 30mm more than the Calor offering, Our locker is a tight fit for height (350mm) and  so ... no go.

They also told me that Camping Gaz had big supply issues last summer and that they were only able to get 25% of their order. Added to which CG costs around 3 times the price of Calor/Flogas per kilo in small sizes.

The 3.9 Calor Propane is definitely finished, Allan. Feeling is that it takes just the same effort to handle small as large so the 'bean counters' have decreed that the less profitable should go!


Nick West
26 Posts
2nd February 2023 - 6:31 pm

Have a look at gaslow bottles John, the smallest is 320mm high just under 3kg.      I'm not sure what kind of regulator they have on them tho...... Funny what they said to you as calor Poole said exactly the same that the company would rather concentrate giving a better service to customers who require the larger bottles and it had become un viable to continue with the small ones .......I shan't be going back to calor products in a hurry !! 

Stuart Mackintosh
3 Posts
27th February 2023 - 5:12 pm


Managed to confirm locally that Flogas can supply Butane in 4.5kg size. ( west of scotland)

Cylinder dimensions are the same as Calor, but the Flogas bottle needs a different regulator. A push on type for about £15.

Good news so far.

However,  when you wan t to return your empty Calor cylinders, you need to show a receipt from the time of original purchase of that cylinderMy situation is typical where I buy a yacht   it comes with a couple of gas cylinders and we get them refilled. But no receipts!!! Hence no refund. 

In these days of recycling, and saving the planet, I cannot believe Calor will get away with this. wink

If they are worthless to Calor,  many will just end up in landfills .


Stuart Mackintosh. 

Peter Mulville
250 Posts
28th February 2023 - 10:09 am

As a matter of interest to tax inspectors and accountants, because you paid a deposit being the value of the bottle but did not obtain ownership, Calor will have claimed capital allowances against tax to the value of the bottle and will have written the value down to zero. In theory, there should be a provisional liability in the accounts for bottles being returned...but given the need for an original receipt it will probably have been determined, if at all, as a fraction of the original liability. A win win situation. 

I'd hope the bottles get recycled...but, my ex-local dump in High Wycombe wanted £30.00 to dispose of a kitchen cupboard door.


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