Website Update

Following the recent attempt to hack the website it has been fully updated. All the modules are now the latest and most secure¬†available. The site also now has a SSL Certificate. The means that any data sent to the site is encrypted. The site holds simple personal data: Name, address, phone numbert[s] and e-mail address. … Read more


Welcomed to the home of the Twister Class Association. We currently represent some 150 Twisters of a possible 247. There are near 200 Members, some who have sold their boats stay on and others are just interested in [possibly buying] Twisters. There’s a wealth of information on the site – and advice is always available … Read more

Updated Information in the Magazine Archive

The BOATS header in the Magazine Archive has been updated with a downloadable list of all known Twisters with their current owners and moorings – as far as we know. Please note this is an extract from a larger file which includes the names, where known, of previous owners and also any previous boat names. … Read more